Saying Good Bye

Good Bye

One month ago was the most painful day I have ever had. My father died. Why do I share this information here? It’s normally uplifting and creative. My blog is where I share my artwork, trick and techniques. Going through the death process with my father gave me a lot to think about. Primarily, how […]

ABC’s of Cultivating Creativity

ABCs of Cultivating Creativity

What does it mean to cultivate creativity? Does creativity always come naturally or do we need to actively cultivate it? What about the ones that declare, “I’m not creative.” I believe we are all creative. We are born that way. Let’s get back to that beginner’s mind of a child who doesn’t worry about color […]

Obsessed with Faces


Faces have been my latest obsession. Most of them are done in my art journals. Because there are not of layers and done in a watercolor style, I create them in one sitting. I find it relaxing and fun to do. Last year I worked on a series of women with their eyes closed called Bad Hair […]

Sharpie Pens and Rubbing Alcohol Muslin Scarf Tutorial

finished scarf featured image

A friend shared a pin she found on Pinterest of combining Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol. I tried the technique on paper, then I tried it on a scrap of fabric. I liked it much better on the fabric. The Stained markers didn’t work very well, meaning they didn’t react much with the alcohol. I guess […]

Art Journal Page Limited to Ten Supplies

Art Journal Page by Grace Mendez

I cheated on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s challenge to create an art journal page limited to any ten supplies. Does the journal really count as one item? I guess it does, but I am not counting it as one of my supplies. It’s a Moleskine sketchbook in case you are wondering. Also, 1a. and a 1b. […]