• Grace Mendez Cheat Sheet

    What is a Cheat Sheet?

    Here are a few reasons that I like creating cheat sheets: You can test out your supplies. It saves time when you are looking for a particular color. It can be used as a reference card when replacing the supply. Cheat Sheets are Easy to Create Get a piece of paper, preferably close to, or the same type of substrate that you will be working on Cut it to the shape that will fit with your supplies Add your supply to the card If desired, write the name and/or the color number to the corresponding swatch Watch a short video on a couple of my cheat sheets: Do you do…

  • Grace Mendez Hap Magee Ranch Park Labyrinth

    Hap Magee Ranch Park Labyrinth

    On a late Sunday afternoon, I drive through the January rain to walk the labyrinth at Hap Magee Ranch Park in Danville, CA. Once I arrive, the rain stops. To get to the labyrinth, I will have to walk across the grass field or take the long path around. I opt to slog through the soggy grass and take the direct route. This is the very first in a series of Full Moon Labyrinth Walks. I don’t know how many, or if any, people will show up. Before I walk the labyrinth, I clear the fallen branches that are strewn on the labyrinth. I imagine they could make someone (or…

  • Grace Mendez Chartres Labyrinth

    Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

    If you live in or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, come walk a labyrinth in quiet meditation each month on a Sunday evening closest to the full moon in 2019. Walking a labyrinth allows us to apply metaphors into our lives and walking on or near the date of the full moon is a natural time for contemplation. A labyrinth has only one path and unlike a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends to get you lost. There are no right or wrong ways to walk a maze. We will begin with a short welcome and gather again after the walk to close the event. Locations…

  • Grace Mendez Winter Solstice 2018

    Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice is one of my favorite days of the year. Not because we are going into winter, but because the daylight is starting to lengthen again. I always thought that saying, “the days are getting longer” is a misnomer because a day is still a day and will always last 24 hours. It is awkward to say, “we are gaining more (or less) daylight” so we default to, “the days are getting longer (or shorter)”. I think about day vs night and wonder what would it be like if the days were indeed getting longer. As it is, I feel like the years are flying so maybe the days…