Belief That I Can

If I have the belief by Mahatma Gandhi

We all have comfortable and easy-to-fall-back-on areas in our lives. This is true whether they are our favorite foods, clothes, friends or creativity. And then there are the areas that we have more difficulty with. These can be activities we resist because we believe the stories we tell ourselves about how hard it is. ​I have two examples to share with you. Comfortable for me: a dry […]

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Dry Brush

Dry Brush Technique by Grace Mendez

I used a dry brush technique in my art journal today. The inspiration came from the book: Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner. It’s a wonderful resource with many techniques to try out. I have the spiral book version and it lays perfectly flat when reading it. Supplies I used: acrylic paints (Golden Fluid Acrylics) natural […]

My Struggle with Drawing Hands

Mixed media journal page by Grace Mendez

This art journal page is in exercise in using the familiar and the unfamiliar and my struggle with drawing hands. I resist drawing hands. The idea of it also keeps me from drawing bodies. So I mostly stick to drawing whimsical faces. I can change that belief once I start practicing. Eventually I will acquire the […]

How to Cover Up an Art Journal Page

How to cover up a journal page

There are only a few steps to cover up an art journal page with gesso. SUPPLIES: Golden’s black gesso plastic card or wedge Golden’s white gesso I don’t believe in tearing out pages in my art journals. I will work on it to get past that ugly stage that some pages go through. But sometimes […]