Art Journaling with Pencil and Markers

Pencil and Markers Grace Mendez

Art making can be as simple as working on paper with pencil and markers. I found #The100DayProject and decided it would be a project that I could do with an art journal that so far, had only one image in it. Here are some of the images that I have done with pencil and markers. The […]

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Mixed Media Envelope

Mixed Media Envelope Grace Mendez

I found the idea for making a mixed media envelope in the book Artists’ Journals & Sketchbooks by Lynne Perrella. When I saw the envelope in the book, I had one of those moments of “Why didn’t I think of that before?” I haven’t taken my envelope as far as I want to. Right now […]

Painted Paper

Painted Paper by Grace Mendez

Painted Paper is Alisa Golden’s book full of expressive painting techniques. I have checked this book out from the library several times. I finally decided to buy a copy for myself. I have a lot of books about painting and mixed media techniques, did I really need one more? Yes. What I like about this […]

3 Approaches to Saving Your Ugly Art

Grace Mendez 3 Approches to Saving Ugly Art

I’d like to give you 3 approaches to saving your ugly art. First off I’d like to tell you when I say, “your art” I am really talking to myself. Recently I purchased a set of conte sketching pencils because I saw artwork done with them that was stunning. I believed that if I bought some […]

Adding a Prompt to an Art Journal

Adding a prompt to an art journal Grace Mendez

Adding a prompt to an art journal is one way to beat the dreaded blank page. The prompts can be answered in your journal on the very page that you create. The prompts can also be answered in another journal or notebook if you want to keep the response more private. I found that once […]