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The 100 Day Project 2017 Update

I’m three-quarters of the way through the one-hundred-day project challenge.

Find out more about the #the100dayproject here.

To be honest, there have been times when I didn’t feel like participating. Except for one day when I forgot entirely because I had an overnight guest and my routine was a lot different from the usual, I’ve worked on the project. In the beginning of a project, there is excitement and momentum. Then monotony sets in but you have to keep working. Some of the work is crap and that is okay. It’s just what happens when you work your way through a large project or even a small project. All your efforts are not all going to be winners.

How I made the one-hundred-day project work:

The project isn’t labor intensive and can be completed in a few minutes with a few supplies. I choose a blank postcard and drawing or painting on it.
My subject and supplies used can be anything I choose so I can change it up and not get bored.
The format is small and doesn’t feel overwhelming.
It’s portable so I don’t need to be in a particular place to work on it.
I’m participating in a group and there is a level of accountability.
The postcards are easy to store when the challenge is complete or I can use them as actual postcards.
Relatively inexpensive because I already had everything I need.

What I’m getting out of it:

  • I’m gaining skills
  • Working on possible ideas for future artwork
  • It’s exciting to know I’ll have a body of work at the end
  • Playing with ideas
  • Trying out art supplies
  • Feeling productive


  • Prepare your materials in advance and have them ready to go.
  • Understand your best work times. Do you like working in the morning or prefer evenings?
  • Be flexible as needed. It’s your life and your time. Make the best of it.

Know why you are doing this kind of project and it increases the likelihood you will complete the challenge.

Are you participating because you want to:

  • Make art to increase your skills
  • Create a body of work to sell
  • Get ideas for additional projects
  • Be part of a community
  • Build a practice of art making
  • Just have fun

Grace Mendez Postcards One Hundred Day Project

You can see the first one-third of the project here.