Sunflower Zentangle by Grace Mendez

Fantasy as Reality, is that Possible?

Being a so-called creative person allows the freedom to move from reality into fantasy with out too much criticism because it is expected as part of the occupation.

In the Zentangle I created for I am the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #43, I started with realistic petals and quickly moved toward a fanciful representation of the center of a sunflower.

Sunflower Zentangle by Grace Mendez
Tipple, Quabog, Ibex

I had a good time mixing up my interpretation of the realistic with the fantasy and grateful that I have found a way to express my creativity.

What happens when you are not allowed to express your creativity?

I have stopped working at more places than I care to admit for not being allowed or encouraged to be creative or for not having the freedom to express my voice.

Freedom of speech comes in many forms, even if it is in a visual format.

Have you had any experiences of when you wanted to be creative and you weren’t able to, whether it came from not having your own ideas or by being discouraged by others?