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Getting the House in Order

This tutorial is for a 3-D visual journal page in the form of an origami house. You will do your journal writing inside of the house and your artwork will be featured on the outside.

You can start from scratch or you can use paper that you are recycling. In my case, I am using a mono-print on drawing paper from my stash. The dimensions are not critical, just the steps. The paper can be rectangular or a square.

Once the folds have been made, you journal in the center most section of the inside.

Refolded and sealed, your writing is hidden away.

The visual journal prompt for this writing is:

Are there any changes that you would like to make to your living space?

If you cannot see the video click here for a tutorial on how to fold the paper.

Getting ready to seal the visual journal prompt in the house with adhesive.
I am using gel medium as my adhesive. A glue stick, white glue or washi tape could be used instead.
Attach more images to outside of house.
I attached some images from a magazine to the sides. The house can also be used as a mini vision board. Someday I want to live near a tropical beach.
Adding gesso
I wanted to tone the image down a little so I am applying gesso over the top. You can also see where I started adding colored pencil beneath the image.

You can add more images or do any additional painting or drawing as you wish. How about a neighborhood of houses?

Going deeper:

As I was creating these, my observation of this visual journal project was the comparison of the origami house and our two selves.

We have:

1. The essential self: how we truly are, what we believe in. This is the interior.

2. The social self: how others see us and how we conduct ourselves. This is the exterior.

For example, if your essential self doesn’t like to cook but you promised to make a homemade dessert for an upcoming event, then your inside (essential self)  and outside (social self) don’t mesh and it may create havoc.

The key to finding peace is moving both of these two selves closer and closer together through truth and honesty.

Alternative journal prompt:

Are there any changes that you would like to make to your life?

If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear them.