How to Improve Your Life: Grace Mendez
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How to Improve Life

Do you want to improve life?

I don’t believe creativity is the only way. But I do believe it’s an excellent pathway to take.

Do you know people who are dead inside? They also seem to be the same people that don’t understand the value of visual or performing arts or the written word. I don’t believe it is a coinsidence.

I come more alive when I go to a live music event or listen to recorded music.

I appreciate the beauty of nature and the how the colors and scents affect me.

I couldn’t imagine my life without books.

All of these activities inspire me to be more creative. Adding creative moments in my day makes me love life even more. I’m more likely to seek out more live events, or go to a movie when I am loving life.

Beauty doesn’t always come from physical objects. Beauty in the world also comes from smiling at people, a kind gesture like holding a door open for someone or letting someone merge in front of you on the freeway.

It causes life to expand.

Improve life and you improve the life of the people around you too. Everyone wins.

Where do you draw your creative source from?

How to Improve Your Life: Grace Mendez