How was your day?

Did you enjoy your day?

Today’s journal prompt is a simple one:

What did you enjoy today?

Write about it in your journal. If you don’t have a journal write about it in a spiral notebook or even on a grocery bag. It doesn’t need to be fancy or formal. The act of writing it down adds power to the words.

What did you enjoy today?

My list for today looked like this:

I enjoyed the sun. I took Olivia out for a short walk and she enjoyed being outside as well.

For breakfast I had an apple, orange, carrot, spinach, blueberry, whey powder and cocoa powder smoothie. I started grinding up my vitamins in the smoothie and they don’t upset my stomach anymore so I am grateful for that.

I worked on some art on multimedia paper and found that I didn’t like working on that brand of paper. The process of laying down the paint on the paper was enjoyable.

Creating the journal page border was soothing and rhythmic.

I made plans to listen to go to Union Square to see live music tomorrow with a good friend.

When you realize what made an enjoyable day, the key is to bring more of it to your life when ever possible.

Visual journal prompt detail of a border corner