I’m Impatient Sometimes

I admit I am impatient sometimes. And I like to keep my hands clean.

This techniques helps with these two qualities.

smear wet ink with a plastic card
Use a plastic card to smear the ink before it dries to help prevent further smearing.
smeared gel pen
If you smear the gel pen immediately it will smear better than if you write, get the camera ready, pose and then take the picture – as you can see in my examples.

I like to write in my journal with brightly colored ball point pens and with gel pens but they can smear on the Moleskine Sketchbook paper because of the coating.

My solution is to take advantage of the situation and use it as a design element in my pages. A plastic card works great to smear the ink and helps dry it. I can close my book without transferring the wet or sticky ink onto the facing page.