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Image Transfer

Image transfer is a great way to add complex images into your art work.

Dover art books are a great resource. Be sure to respect the copyright laws associated with the images.

The image that I used was not in color to begin with. My home printer is a toner based laser printer that only prints in black.

I’n not sure how an inkjet printer would work with this. I just remember that when I had one and used wet media with it, the ink would smear.

If you don’t have a laser printer, you could go to a copy shop and make your copies there.

To add the color, I used Prismacolor colored pencils. Because they are wax based, the colors don’t run when wet.

Once the coloring was done, I use a couple of layers of matte medium by Utrecht goes on top of the coloring.

You can use a gloss medium if you want a clearer image. I did not opt for this because the image was for my art journal and when using a gloss medium there is a greater risk of pages sticking closed.

I like using a palette knife with the matte medium instead of a brush to avoid a lot of clean up. California is in a drought right now and wiping the palette knife clean with a paper towel or using the extra medium left on the knife in another project makes clean-up easy and saves water.

After the medium dried, I cut around the image to get a neat appearance. If I had cut the image out before adding the medium on top, I would risk getting medium on the back of the image. This would make the next step harder.

Next, I wet the back of the paper with clean water to remove the back of the paper. I used good quality printer paper so this process was not hard. To get an even cleaner back, I used a dry, hard bristle paintbrush to help get the last little bits of paper off. Use a light touch to avoid ripping or stretching the image out of shape.

To apply the transfer image to the substrate, I used the matte medium with the palette knife. I applied a layer of medium to the page and then a light layer over the image on top.


Grace Mendez Image Transfer