Inside and Outside

Framed art or pictures can be an interesting metaphor that we can use to view our lives.

So let’s say that the frame is our outer life, or social self – job, appearance, home, etc. and the art work or picture is our inner life, our essential, authentic self.

Sometimes the frames can be more interesting than the image we are framing.

I’m sure we all know people who are very beautiful and look like they have their wonderful lives all aligned but on the inside there is nothing there. They are like those picture frames that are so ornate that they are displayed on their own with nothing inside. They are empty.

Is our outer appearance, social life, home, job title, etc. more important than what is inside?

Sometimes I see pictures or art that is framed but it just doesn’t look right. It’s as if the outside and the inside don’t mesh well.

We feel like something is off in our lives if our outer (or social self) is not aligned with our inner or (essential self).

I love working with people to get to the place where both the frame (the social self) meshes with the artwork (the essential self) so well that one doesn’t overpower the other. A favorable life is when these two parts of our lives work in harmony and support each other.