Make your own watercolor palette tutorial

Make Your Own Watercolor Palette

Make your own watercolor palette tutorial

In case you don’t have a travel watercolor palette, or the one you have is too bulky, this tutorial will show you how to make a small sized one with your own favorite watercolor paints.

When my daughter moved out, we turned the downstairs bedroom into my art studio/office. I love working in there yet,  I like to come up to the sofa and watch movies with my husband in the evenings.

It’s easy to grab an art journal, one of my watercolor palettes and some waterbrushes and go upstairs to paint while sitting on the living room sofa.

When I leave the house though, that same watercolor palette seems too bulky to take with me. Generally, I don’t need a lot of supplies if I am on the go. I can bring less. I like to keep this little eye shadow case palette in the travel pouch so it’s not going to be left behind when I leave the house.


  • eye shadow case (I bought mine from The 99 Cents Store)
  • screwdriver, butter knife or palette knife
  • watercolor paint in tubes
  • small piece of watercolor paper (optional)
  • pen or pencil (optional)


  1. Remove eyeshadow powder from case
  2. Remove any possible sticky residue left from eyeshadow tins
  3. Squeeze paint into wells
  4. Create cheat sheet (optional)
  5. Allow to dry


I like to create a small cheat sheet or a swatch with each of the colors and its corresponding name to keep with my palette.

When the paint is in the palette, sometimes it’s hard for me to tell what the actual hue will be once it is used. Look at my palette below. To me, the Prussian blue and the ivory black look a lot alike in the palette.

Also when it comes time to refill the well, I want to know the name of the paint. I may want to use the same color again, or maybe I don’t. I can choose another color to add. But I need to know the name of the color I had used. You may think it’s pretty straight forward because I am only using the one set of watercolor tubes, but in the video, I have a bunch of tubes that are random and are not from a set. I will forget the colors I used. I know that about me. Now that I am thinking about it, I should write the brand name somewhere on the card, too.

You don’t need to fill all of the wells with paint. You can leave wells open for water.


The lid makes a good place to mix colors.

The little space that was created for the eye shadow wand can be filled with water or another color of paint.

You can create your own custom blends of paint colors. I took the easy route and used one color per well.

It’s your palette. Create it the way you want!

I hope you give it a try.

Make your own watercolor palette tutorial