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Moving Away From Fear

Moving away from fear is what most of us do all of our lives.

We want safety, security and all the answers. I believe this how Google rose to such high popularity. If you have a need, Google will help you find The Answer.

Moving away from fear Grace Mendez

Sometimes the blank page or canvas causes fear. It’s not life or death fear but it still causes an uneasy feeling. Our natural reaction is to turn away from fear.

Where do we start when we have a blank surface? The possibilities are endless. It’s the unknown.

When we make that first mark, we have started on our path.

If we don’t like the path, it puts us in another vulnerable place perhaps of embarrassment, looking like we don’t know what we do because we are inept.

We want to arrive to that place of a finished piece, where there are no mistakes (that show).

To get there we have to go through the fear.

We can choose to go around fear with the hope that we don’t wake it up.

This is called procrastination.

We avoid fear this way. We push it aside, we say ,”Never mind”* about starting the project, going to the workshop or attending the retreat.

*Never mind. We choose to disengage the mind. We don’t want to think about the possibility of failure, no matter how small. We remain safe. We protect our mind from creating possible memories of defeat.

I know about all of this because I have been there.

What is the solution?

Ask for help.

Help comes in the form of books, videos, workshops and retreats.

Go to the library and check out some books on the subject you want to tackle.

Sign up for a workshop or retreat.

Should you start small or go big?

It depends on your personality. Are you more comfortable with books or videos, creating in the privacy of your own home?  Would you like to push forward and participate in a live group event? Would having a friend or family member joining along with you create some accountability and momentum?

Then act.

The more that you act, the less of a hold the fear will have on you. I am not saying you will not have fear anymore. Fear will notice that you are the one in control. Fear will step aside long enough for you to act.