My Love for Spell Check

Okay, I admit my love for spell check.

Besides that, I am not a great typist. My highest speed ever was 42 words per minute. So combine that with not spelling very well and you understand my love for spell check. It makes me look good or at least it gives me the illusion that I do.

Right now I am taking an online class called Letter Love 101 where we are learning hand lettering styles. It’s all about fun and play.

Our Day 3 homework assignment was to write the words: “Play, Practice, Write, Repeat” on a sheet of Bristol board with Copic markers.

The assignment was to do it on a loose paper so we could keep it out in plain view as a reminder to not be too hard on ourselves while we do our coursework.

Deviation #1:  Even though I have the recommended paper, I did mine in a journal, not on the Bristol.

We were supposed to use a certain type of marker (that I don’t have).

Deviation #2:  I created a water color background and used water color pencils instead of going to the store and hunting down the recommended pens.

I got all the way through the assignment, took the photo and uploaded it to our group’s page. Then I saw my error.

Deviation #3: Spelling error. Okay, this was not intentional on my part like #1 and #2 but it is still not following the rules of spelling.

Spell check would have come in to save my work at this point if I was working on an electronic device. It would have given me the very familiar red dotted line.

Creativity is the practice in letting go of getting it right.

This is exactly what I love about art. It shows all the rough edges when you are brave enough to get over the fear of what other people will think of you.

We usually only get to see the best work or the edited versions. That is the norm.

I could have redone it and shown the class my best work but I made the choice not to. There is something liberating about lifting up the curtain and giving out a back stage pass.

I embrace the artistic license that allows for and embraces change, variations and editions. For that, I am forever grateful. I am really good at making mistakes.

The illusion of being perfect or getting it just right can be a distraction in getting things done. It can stop us from even trying.

Are there places in your creativity or life that this has happened? Did the fear of getting it perfect the first time out keep you stuck?

What were the repercussions of not trying?

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  • Kelly Burkhart

    Grace, I love this. Letting go of getting it right and getting over the fear of what others will think is a life-long journey for me. The result of taking that risk is always more fun, joy and peace. Thanks for the reminder and your beautiful example!