Obsessed with Faces

Faces have been my latest obsession.

Most of them are done in my art journals.

Because there are not of layers and done in a watercolor style, I create them in one sitting.

I find it relaxing and fun to do.

Last year I worked on a series of women with their eyes closed called Bad Hair Day.

What helped me transition from closed eyes to open eyes was this video from Jane Davenport: The Whimsical Face.

She made the whole process fun. If you are hesitant about drawing faces, I highly recommend getting a copy of her video.

I rarely rely on stencils in my art work so the section in the video on using a face stencil was not very relevant. But I loved the rest of the information!

As you can see, I am still drawing the faces in a forward position. My next challenge is to start drawing them with their heads turned.
Faces by Grace Mendez

Mixed Media face by Grace MendezRed Flowers Mixed Media face by Grace MendezBlue Top Mixed Media Face by Grace MendezMixed Media Face by Grace MendezPink Flowers Mixed Media by Grace MendezMixed media face by Grace Mendez