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How Can a Grid Predict the Future?

I don’t know what goes into planning the layout of a large city.

I just know that when I go into a city I don’t know, it is helpful when the layout is more like a checkerboard than a wheel spoke. (San Antonio, TX, I am talking to you.) I believe most cities are laid out in grid like fashion to make things easier to live in but nature has a say as well and the city planners must take that into consideration when they do their work.

(Zentangle for Weekly Challenge #37 – “Kiss My Grids”)

Although I love organic forms and curves I do like the form and function of a grid.

One of my favorite examples of a grid is the calendar.

My Moleskine weekly planner is my constant companion because it helps me stay organized and on track. I have used the calendar function on my phone but when the battery is dead or it doesn’t sync up accurately, I am screwed. Handwritten entries in my planner don’t get deleted by mistake or freeze up on me.

I can see into the future – somewhat – with my grid. As always though, things change, get interrupted, or fall apart.

“There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing” ~ Robert Burns

With a grid, there is a promise of a plan.

There is a hint of the future with a path that is being formed for us to follow. It’s a map to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Where do you wish to go? And how will you get there?