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Procrastination: Where to Start

You may delay, but time will not.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

How do you know where to start if there are too many things on a to-do list?  It’s too hard to concentrate on any one thing and nothing gets done.

Let’s try an exercise to figure out where to start if you have a lot of creative ideas.

You will need a sheet of paper or a notebook, a pen or pencil, and five or six index cards.

On the sheet of paper, make a long list of all the art projects that you want to do.

They don’t need to be in any particular order. They can be wild ideas or tame. Make them specific as possible. Instead of “Painting” write, “Paint flowers” or “Paint red flowers in a blue vase” or even “Paint Hibiscus in the blue vase my mom gave me”. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, at least narrow down your subject to the medium of your choice and a subject: “Draw trees”.

Make a star next to the top five or six projects that excite you.

Write down each of the starred projects, one per index card.

Underneath the project idea, write down how much time you estimate you will need for the project. A rough guess will be enough. On the back of the card, write down the supplies you will need for each project.

Which one of these projects would you like to tackle first?

Organize your cards in order of priority. Which one looks like the most fun?

Organize your cards again, but this time in order of time that they would take, or imagine that they would take, from least time amount of time to most time. Something that is fun and easy to do will help you whittle down your to-do list.

One more time, organize your cards in order of supplies that you have on hand or would be very easy to get supplies to do. Which project needs the least amount of time to get started because you have all your supplies in order?

Did the order of the cards change a lot? Which project came to the top of the pile the most? Which one will you start on?

Be sure to keep your long list of projects for future reference and repeat this exercise as you work through your list.

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Procrastination Where to Start Grace Mendez