Mixed media journal page by Grace Mendez

My Struggle with Drawing Hands

This art journal page is in exercise in using the familiar and the unfamiliar and my struggle with drawing hands.

I resist drawing hands. The idea of it also keeps me from drawing bodies. So I mostly stick to drawing whimsical faces.

I can change that belief once I start practicing. Eventually I will acquire the ability to draw hands without a struggle.

Mixed media journal page by Grace Mendez
art journaling supplies

I started my page with a stencil (I don’t use stencils very much) and PanPastels.

Last year I wanted PanPastels so bad that I finally got some and as you can see by the packaging, not really used them. So I like PanPastels, just not very familiar with how I can use them fully. I placed the alphabet stencil upside down and reverse and used an applicator to rub the pastel onto the page.

My next layer was fine pumice gel. Love this stuff!

It sealed the PanPastel and gave the page a gritty surface to draw over. I didn’t want to use the clear gesso that I have (it has a plasticy feel). You don’t need very much fine pumice gel. I apply it with a plastic card instead of a brush or palette knife.

Next: drawing my left hand. I was tempted to just lay my left hand over the page and trace it but I resisted the temptation. Sketched it with regular mechanical pencil.

I added a few pieces of washi tape – just because. Yet another item I was dying to get and don’t use very much. Now I mostly use it for wrapping gifts.

I added shading to the hand with a Derwent metallic watercolor pencil – again – something I thought would be the magic bullet in my art making and isn’t.

Paint was next. Love paint! I painted around the hand and over the tape with white and buff acrylic paint.

I went over the previous shading on the hand with some water and started to feel better about it.

I added the tangle Bales to the side and top with white, hi-flow acrylic paint in a fine line bottle. But it was hard to see so I used a bronze Permapaque pen over it lightly on right side. Warning: The pumice gel is super gritty and will eat the nibs of felt tipped pens.

I experimented with some gold leaf in the lower right corner – yep- another product that I have yet to master.

I penciled in a quote and added a little watercolor pencil to the lettering. I don’t even know where/when I got the set but I don’t really care for them (Stadtler Kraft).

Overall, a good experiment and use of some art supplies that have been stored away.

After I finished I realized the hand I drew reminds me of the Man Hands episode on Seinfeld. Hah!

What do you struggle with or resist in your creative life? Please comment below.