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    How To Transfer A Print Out Onto A Journal Page

    Here is an easy way how to transfer a print out onto a journal page or another paper surface. In my last post I gave you a free download of a mandala that you could print and color. But what if you don’t want to color on copy paper? Maybe you want to color in your mandala in a journal or use watercolor paper. There is an easy way to transfer the image without the use of transfer (or carbon) paper. You will need: an image (you can do this with any coloring page) pencil (I used a 2B) ball point pen in a color other than black small bit of…

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    Image Transfer

    Image transfer is a great way to add complex images into your art work. Dover art books are a great resource. Be sure to respect the copyright laws associated with the images. The image that I used was not in color to begin with. My home printer is a toner based laser printer that only prints in black. I’n not sure how an inkjet printer would work with this. I just remember that when I had one and used wet media with it, the ink would smear. If you don’t have a laser printer, you could go to a copy shop and make your copies there. To add the color,…

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    New Art Journal

    A few weeks ago I started a new art journal. A new art journal is a blank slate that will take you where ever you wish to go. This particular art journal is an exploration into mixed-media experimentation. I bound the art journal with watercolor paper in a long stitch. The covers are made from the back of the pad of watercolor paper. The first layer on the pages is gesso, then watercolor and then random bits of collage from a magazine and other artwork that I have done. I also: Created portraits with watercolors Made patterns and blobs with watercolor paints Used Pinterest as inspiration. I thought I could…

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    Altered Book Update

    It’s time for an altered book update. When I started this project, I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to work in my altered book. I have been using gesso, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, graphite, neocolorI, neocolorII, watercolor, markers, wax crayons and colored pencils. The book is expanding because of all of the layers and wrinkling of the pages. I don’t know if the binding is going to stay together without breaking or cracking at the seams. For this reason, I have not been collaging or using thick layers of paint. I love using the scraping technique to get the thinnest layer of gesso possible. Any extra paint…

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    Painting With Crayons

    Pam Carriker’s book: Mixed Media Portraits is one of my favorites. I took one of her projects, Painting with Crayons and recorded a video of my process. It goes to prove that you can do a lot with only a few supplies. Supplies that I used: Pencil Caran D’Ache Neocolor II watersoluable crayons Matte medium Brush Water Paper (I used my altered book) Scrap of freezer paper for a palette I made a lot of mistakes. Nothing critical, after all it is art and accidents are inevitable. The biggest takeaway: read the lesson before starting. What I like about this project is that you can work in stages. There are…