• If I have the belief by Mahatma Gandhi

    Belief That I Can

    We all have comfortable and easy-to-fall-back-on areas in our lives. This is true whether they are our favorite foods, clothes, friends or creativity. And then there are the areas that we have more difficulty with. These can be activities we resist because we believe the stories we tell ourselves about how hard it is. ​I have two examples to share with you. Comfortable for me: a dry brush painting technique as a low pressure way to start a piece of work on a canvas or art journal. Difficult for me: my belief that drawing hands is hard. I can change my belief once I start practicing. Eventually I will acquire the ability to draw hands although I struggle with it right now. What creativity beliefs trip you up?

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    The Basics of Self-Care

    Listen To Self Help Internet Radio Stations with Twenty Minutes to Peace on BlogTalkRadio Without self-care, you will not able to create any art or be creative. Self-care is the key to having time to create. Without it, you will be taking care of everyone else first. Kelly Burkhart and I talk about how to break the cycle in this show.  

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    Something New

    What happens when you are asked to make a change? Do you adapt or do you hesitate? What happens when you ask someone to make a change and they resist? How do you feel if they snap back “but we have always done it this way” ? I recently had this happen to me. As a new member, I made a suggestion to a planning committee to add a element to their community event. The idea was promptly rejected because they just don’t. do. it. that. way. “Oh, okay, well…, um…” was my internal response. I stayed quiet for the rest of the meeting and have pulled way back from…

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    “Round and Round”

    Do you ever feel like you are on a merry-go-round that you can’t get off? When I was making this image I came to a point where I had to decide whether or not to  continue with the same pattern I started with instead of switching to the leaf pattern that is around the outermost edge. I enjoyed creating the repetitious pattern that I started with in the very center. It was very comfortable and easy for me to do. Some times it is good to take a chance and make a change. Even though it would have been fine if I had continued and finished with more of the…