• Grace Mendez How To Let Go Series

    Let Go of Perfectionism

    Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”      ~ Vince Lombardi Let go of perfection and your creativity and productivity will advance immensely. Perfectionism keeps you small and undeveloped. Perfectionism is your inner critic bully that tells you that your work isn’t good enough, that you make lots of mistakes and that you’re not worthy of the effort. Perfectionism keeps you from starting. The inner critic loves to say, “Will it be good enough?” And if you hear the answer of No! then it’s hard to start anything. Perfectionism keeps you from finishing. Finish a piece and it’s as good as it’s ever…

  • Grace Mendez Lyra Graphite Crayons and Gesso
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    Lyra Graphite Crayons and Gesso

    Lyra Graphite Crayons come in a variety of hardnesses. I don’t think of them as traditional crayons because they are not waxy. But they are hefty like a crayon. It is like you are using a big solid piece of pencil lead. I love the 9B crayon as it gives a very dark line like a charcoal pencil but doesn’t crumble like charcoal does. Lyra Graphite Crayons also come in a water soluble version as well. My only suggestion to the company would be to make the paper wrappers two different colors in order to differentiate the regular and the water soluble crayons. I used a blue crayon to color…

  • Grace Mendez How To Create On A Low Energy Day

    How to be Creative on a Low Energy Day

    Do you ever have days that are low energy but you still want to be creative? In a previous post, I write about not waiting for the right time to be creative. In my story, I didn’t allow for those times when you are not 100% into the game. Sometimes I have the time to be creative, I just don’t have a lot of energy or the creative drive. I still want to make progress so I switch gears and do tasks. Menial tasks like preparing art journal pages with gesso are wonderful shortcuts when you are ready to do actual artwork later on. For example, apply gesso with a plastic card…

  • Art By Grace Mendez

    Partial Collection of Art from 2016

    This video is a partial collection of art that I made in 2016. This past year I participated in an online workshop called LifeBook 2016. Most of the art in the video is from that project. A few of the images in this collection are from workshops I was in at Art is You in Santa Rosa, CA. The rest are random pieces I made. LifeBook is wonderful. I learned so much and was introduced to many new teachers and their techniques. It requires a time commitment to watch the videos, to make the art, to upload the art and then participate in the facebook group. The great thing about LifeBook…

  • Grace Mendez 10 Reasons Why to Work in a Series

    10 Reasons Why You Should Work in a Series

    Why you should work in a series I found 10 reasons why working in a series is beneficial: Build skill Try out new techniques Save time by not having to think about what to work on Save time by keeping your supplies out and ready to go Practice how to integrate individual pieces into a whole collection Build a consistent practice Create a body of work to share or sell Try something new without the preciousness of making only one Inspires you to come up with new ideas Uncover your style How to develop a series: There are many ways to come up with a series. The most helpful recommendation…