• Grace Mendez It's in the Cards Tutorial

    It’s in the Cards Tutorial

    Do you believe in fortune telling? I don’t know about you, but I used to have a Magic 8 Ball®. I loved playing with it. The idea was that it would magically tell your fortune when you shook the ball and looked in the window for the answer. Mostly I used it in elementary school to find out if a secret crush liked me back. Although I don’t have a Magic 8 Ball anymore, I thought it would be fun to make up a set of fun fortune telling cards using the same 20 responses that are inside the ball. What you will need: 20 ATC cards, playing cards or…

  • Grace Mendez Meandering Book Online Workshop

    Meandering Book Online Workshop

    I love working on paper. I also love portable art making. On the first floor of my home, I use a spare bedroom as my studio. The rest of the living space is on the second floor. This means I often tote my art supplies up and down the stairs, especially in the evening when I go upstairs to watch (or mostly listen) to a movie on Netflix. I also like to travel light and carrying a bulky, hard cover, art journal is not something I enjoy. I rather carry a soft covered art journal and a small pouch of art supplies to the park or cafe. The last couple of…

  • Grace Mendez Painting on Rocks

    Painting on Rocks

    Painting on rocks may not be new to you, but it is to me. I’ve seen it around for a long time, I just had never tried it before. I don’t live in an area where smooth rocks are easily found on the ground. The beaches, national and regional parks don’t want you to take any natural souvenirs home with you. I did find some rocks I liked on my walk around my neighborhood, but they were part of a business’ landscaping and it didn’t feel right to take their rocks. Instead, I went to a home improvement store to purchase some rocks. I was disappointed in the selection. They…

  • Grace Mendez Travel Art Supplies

    Travel Art Supplies

    I’m back from my weekend trip to Boise, Idaho. I brought minimal travel art supplies but they were more than enough to keep me busy at the airport and on the plane. In my last post, you could see the travel art supplies that I took with me. The only supply that I didn’t use on my trip was the white gel pen. I also forgot to point out the sharpener that also acts as a point protector. (The link doesn’t go to the exact one that I have. I couldn’t find it online.) I’m so glad that I brought the sharpener as I had to sharpen my pencils. The…

  • The Before and After of an Art Retreat

    The Before and After of an Art Retreat

    My notes on the before and after of an art retreat, specifically about Art is You 2016, Santa Rosa, California. Before: I don’t know if you have been to an art retreat before. I’m getting ready to attend Art is You in Santa Rosa, California. I’ve been to this same retreat several times and this will be the third location that they are using. It looks nice from the pictures! I live about an hour away from the location so I will be driving there and back each of the two days that I am going to be there. I suppose I could stay at the hotel but the workshop hours…