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    Art Journaling with Pencil and Markers

    Art making can be as simple as working on paper with pencil and markers. I found #The100DayProject and decided it would be a project that I could do with an art journal that so far, had only one image in it. Here are some of the images that I have done with pencil and markers. The paper is thin so I am staying away from acrylic paints, inks or super wet watercolor work in this journal. The book is on the smaller side of what I normally use so the art work doesn’t take very long. Plus working with the minimal of supplies makes it very fast too. I’m not looking…

  • Grace Mendez 3 Approches to Saving Ugly Art

    3 Approaches to Saving Your Ugly Art

    I’d like to give you 3 approaches to saving your ugly art. First off I’d like to tell you when I say, “your art” I am really talking to myself. Recently I purchased a set of conte sketching pencils because I saw artwork done with them that was stunning. I believed that if I bought some of those magic pencils, then my work would be stunning too, right? Not necessarily so. My husband has never said a bad word about any of my art work. But I did scare him (and myself) with this piece in my art journal: The exact word he used was, “Whoa!” with very wide eyes. Then…

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    Moving Away From Fear

    Moving away from fear is what most of us do all of our lives. We want safety, security and all the answers. I believe this how Google rose to such high popularity. If you have a need, Google will help you find The Answer. Sometimes the blank page or canvas causes fear. It’s not life or death fear but it still causes an uneasy feeling. Our natural reaction is to turn away from fear. Where do we start when we have a blank surface? The possibilities are endless. It’s the unknown. When we make that first mark, we have started on our path. If we don’t like the path, it…

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    Why Bother?

    Just as I felt that a new tangle, Punzel, and my Zentangle tile was coming together, it got  wobbly and out of control. The perfection monster appeared once again. But I kept going. I wanted to finish it even if it wasn’t going the way I had thought it would end up. So I began again. The image that I am showing you is the fourth image that I created. The way I started wasn’t going the way I wanted. Doesn’t this happen everyday? Okay, maybe not every single day but throughout the week, months and years we have ups and downs, things that go well and things that don’t…