• Origami boats with secret journal writing space
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    Bon Voyage! Journal Writing Prompt

    “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”       ~William Shedd I created another 3-D visual journal writing prompt and video for you. What I like about this journal writing project is that unlike a journal that may be closed up and put away, the boats can be displayed. When I look at mine, I am reminded of what I wrote inside. I left my boats unadorned but feel free to add paint, markers, or washi tape to yours as you see fit. Unlike a home that represents stability and shelter, a boat is meant to take you on a voyage, even it’s a…

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    Getting the House in Order

    This tutorial is for a 3-D visual journal page in the form of an origami house. You will do your journal writing inside of the house and your artwork will be featured on the outside. You can start from scratch or you can use paper that you are recycling. In my case, I am using a mono-print on drawing paper from my stash. The dimensions are not critical, just the steps. The paper can be rectangular or a square. Once the folds have been made, you journal in the center most section of the inside. Refolded and sealed, your writing is hidden away. The visual journal prompt for this writing…

  • Hand Cut Stencil and Watercolor

    Mind Trip Journal Prompt

    Watercolor, Dry Brush and Hand Cut Stencils I came across this technique from a book called “Make Your Mark” by Margaret Peot. She has a lot of ways to create backgrounds in this book. If you have not read it yet, I recommend it. This book is different from a lot of the mixed media books that are popular on Amazon right now because there are only two colors used in the printing of the book, sepia and a dark brown. At first I was a little disappointed in this but she explains that it is done with the intention to not get hung up on what colors to use…

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    Best Thing in Your Day Writing Prompt

    I probably have mentioned this many times before, but one of my favorite writing prompts in my journals is to document what went right in my day or what I am grateful for. This can be as a simple as a list or it can be told in a story form. It can even be just one line. I had periods in my life where all I could manage to write about were the painful events in my life. Either way, writing about what is seen as positive or what is seen as negative, writing helps by getting it out of the system. I think of writing in a journal…