• Grace Mendez Tissue Paper Painting
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    Tissue Paper Paintings Tutorial

    The inspiration for the tissue paper paintings came from the book, The Usborn Complete Book of Art Ideas, by Fiona Watt. Supplies I used for this project: Tissue Paper (mono printed on a Gelli Arts printing plate with acrylic paints) Watercolor paper Matte medium Derwent Inktense pencils Derwent Inktense blocks Paintbrush I found that the Gelli Arts printing plate can be addictive. It is super easy to use and you can amass a lot of prints in a short amount of time. In the Usborne book, they use colored tissue paper. Right now I have more prints than I know what to do with, so I chose to use the…

  • Grace Mendez Abstract Flowers
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    Painted Blossoms Book and Abstract Flower Painting Video

    I bought the book, Painted Blossoms by Carrie Schmitt, a few months ago and flipped through it. Although I loved the book and all of the artwork I didn’t try any of the techniques until I purchased her video of Abstract Flower Painting. The video inspired me to try it right away. I watched it once from beginning to end before starting. When I played it a second time, I stopped it at each step as needed. I found a piece of 4′ x 18″ plywood in the garage and prepped it with a couple coats of GAC 100 to prevent discoloration seeping through from the wood.  From that point I followed the video…

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    Free collage paper for your mixed-media art

    Although a lot of my creative work is done in art journals, I like to work on other surfaces and explore other techniques. A few years ago I purchased a dozen pre-gessoed boards for a workshop. I still have several unused boards that are still sitting on my shelves waiting for Something. I started my project with a collage using torn apart security envelopes that came in my mail. Instead of throwing the paper in the recycling container I thought it would be a good source of free collage paper.  I made sure to use patterns that didn’t have text. The exception was the blue patterned paper with the “c”. I had no idea what…

  • Grace Mendez How To Take Care Of Paint Brushes
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    How To Take Care Of Paint Brushes

    How to take care of paint brushes when I don’t have a sink nearby is something I had to figure out. While I am painting, I don’t leave my brushes sitting in water. This wrecks the ends of the brushes. Also, if water gets past the ferrule and into the space between it and the handle, it weakens the bond and you run the risk of loosening all of the bristles. I dip them in water and lay them to the side. As long as they stay wet, the paint will have less of a chance of drying and hardening. When I am going to take a break and if…