• 2015 07 01 Grace Mendez Light at the end of the tunnel

    Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    I live a few blocks away from the Emeryville Amtrak station. There are several places to cross the train tracks at gate arms. If I am walking, I have the option to cross the tracks via a pedestrian walkway at the Emeryville station. The tracks are shared with Union Pacific and a really long cargo train makes crossing via the pedestrian walkway the better choice (and safer). I still have images in my head from the movies they showed us in elementary school about the dangers of crossing railroad tracks. Crossing above the tracks makes it fun to take photos when the trains are at the station. Sometimes I imagine…

  • Life Flows Grace Mendez
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    Life Flows

    There is nothing sweeter than when life flows. I recently watched a drama series on Netflix. It was interesting to watch the characters have to wrestle with their lives. But to have all that drama in my life would not be what I would call fun. It would be draining. We all hit rough patches, that is just the way it is. Hopefully, interspersed are times when life flows. Time has a way of letting us know when we are enjoying something and when we are not. I would gladly trade time at the DMV for time in the art studio. The time spent in the art studio has a way…

  • How to Improve Your Life: Grace Mendez
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    How to Improve Life

    Do you want to improve life? I don’t believe creativity is the only way. But I do believe it’s an excellent pathway to take. Do you know people who are dead inside? They also seem to be the same people that don’t understand the value of visual or performing arts or the written word. I don’t believe it is a coinsidence. I come more alive when I go to a live music event or listen to recorded music. I appreciate the beauty of nature and the how the colors and scents affect me. I couldn’t imagine my life without books. All of these activities inspire me to be more creative. Adding…

  • Your True Self Grace Mendez

    Your True Self

    Can we ever be anything but our true self? I believe we are who we are from birth. Then, we make choices in how we lead our lives. Those choices can mask who we really are. I’m talking about the choices we make to please other people. Who are these other people? Parents, family, teachers, friends, co-workers, the media and so on. The pressure to make other people happy can corrupt our values. We can choose to stay put, physically and mentally. I know I did that for many years. I  finally woke up and began to make changes to improve my circumstances. I believe removing the parts of my…