• Pamphlet Stitch Journal Tutorial
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    Pamphlet Stitch Journal with Wrap Around Cover

    This project, a pamphlet stitch journal with a wrap around dust jacket cover, only takes a few minutes to create. To make an art journal from scratch can go from complex to easy. We will take the easy route. The pages in my art journal are blank to begin with. If you want to prepare some of the pages before creating the pamphlet you can see one way to do it in my online workshop. Supplies needed: One 22″ x 30″ sheet of paper (I like using Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Sheets) Needle Thread Awl or push pin Straight edge Sharp blade Cutting mat Scissors Click on the link: Pamphlet with Dust…

  • Rubber Stamps Repeats
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    Rubber Stamp Carving and Repeat Patterns

    Once in a while I get the urge to carve a rubber stamp. I love the process of the carving. Oddly, I don’t carve very many stamps because I rarely use them in my artwork. My urge to carve a stamp was inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and her challenge: #carvedecember. So I made one stamp. Once I came up with the design I used a bone folder to rub the pencil guidelines onto the stamp surface. My number one tip is have sharp blades! They make the whole process much easier. Julie has an excellent book on the process called Stamp Carve Play: Designing and Creating Custom Stamps. Once the…

  • Peek into Grace Mendez' Art Journal

    A Peek Into My Art Journal

    I’d like to give you a quick peek into my art journal, or should it be called a sketchbook? It could also be called a visual journal, too. What ever you call it, it’s the place where I like to try out my art supplies and techniques, sketch, draw or paint. Sometimes I write but mostly I create some kind of art. Some pages I like, some I love and some pages are not my greatest effort. I don’t call it finished at all even though I have added something to each page spread from front to back. And now I will go back through it again and can add…

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    Obsessed with Faces

    Faces have been my latest obsession. Most of them are done in my art journals. Because there are not of layers and done in a watercolor style, I create them in one sitting. I find it relaxing and fun to do. Last year I worked on a series of women with their eyes closed called Bad Hair Day. What helped me transition from closed eyes to open eyes was this video from Jane Davenport: The Whimsical Face. She made the whole process fun. If you are hesitant about drawing faces, I highly recommend getting a copy of her video. I rarely rely on stencils in my art work so the section in the video…

  • journal page with watercolors and ink pen

    10 Basic Art Journaling Supplies

    This post is in answer to the question posed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Her question: What five additional supplies would you add to this grouping of basics to complete your own personal art journaling kit? Julie’s kit includes: Journal Black Pen Watercolor Set Black Ink Pad Alphabet & Number Stamps I totally agree with her first three items. I don’t use stamps or the ink pad in my art journaling. Here’s why: Part of my exploration in art journaling is to practice drawing. To rely on stamps takes part of my practice away. I don’t use stencils in my art journals for the same reason. The process of carving stamps…