• Grace Mendez Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

    I recently visited the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Not only did I visit the Asian Art Museum, I joined. And I joined at the Premium level which gives access to 800 reciprocal museums. Will I visit all 800? Doubt it, but I will be able to visit a lot of the local museums on the list. Here is a sneak peek into the museum. There is a small display on Hidden Meanings that I enjoyed, given that I just wrapped up a four-part series on symbols. The Asian Art Museum has so much to see. A pass will allow a more in-depth exploration without the need to hurry…

  • Grace Mendez Travel Art Supplies

    Travel Art Supplies

    I’m back from my weekend trip to Boise, Idaho. I brought minimal travel art supplies but they were more than enough to keep me busy at the airport and on the plane. In my last post, you could see the travel art supplies that I took with me. The only supply that I didn’t use on my trip was the white gel pen. I also forgot to point out the sharpener that also acts as a point protector. (The link doesn’t go to the exact one that I have. I couldn’t find it online.) I’m so glad that I brought the sharpener as I had to sharpen my pencils. The…

  • Grace Mendez Travel Pouch Contents

    Travel Pouch Contents

    This travel pouch’s contents are the most basic supplies I have for art journaling. I’m going away for a few days and will be taking a mini art-making kit with me. Because I am flying instead of driving I’m more considerate of what I will bring. I won’t be checking my bag (hopefully) so I want to make sure that what ever I bring will not add a lot of extra weight or bulk. I’m not planning to make a lot of art when I am at my destination, I just want to keep busy at the airport and during the flights. I made a little sketchbook without a cover.…