What is behind the window
What is behind those windows?

We all have areas in our lives that we do not show to the world.

We hide these areas behind a facade or wall. Or perhaps there is just a glimpse, like a peek into an open window. What we show to people around us and how we act is known as the social self. Who we are deep down is our essential self. Our dreams and hopes, our wishes and desires all come from the essential self. It’s who we truly are.

The ideal life

is one where we are able to merge the two into one and live our best life and be TAO: Transparent, Authentic and Open. We are able to maneuver through our relationships, our responsibilities of our social self, the life where we make the connections, where we make things happen. When we merge our social self with our essential self and come out from behind the protection of the the facades, walls and windows, this is when we shine.