Turning About

The Challenge

The spiral challenge this week from “I am the Diva” was to create a spiral. I created several but I will only show you two on this post.

Zentangle Spiral
Way Too Busy
Zentangle Spiral
Much Simpler

Life and a Spiral

Over the weekend I realized that my life was moving away from the direction that I had intended just a few months ago, so as I created this spiral I had the thought that the spiral is a great metaphor for this realization.

Moving towards life or moving away from life

When you view a spiral you can travel from the outside to the center, or from the center out.

Moving from the outside to the center is like moving toward an end point or a goal. You step onto the spiral and work your way toward the center. There is a specific place you are going to go, like the bull’s eye of a target.

Moving from the center of a spiral toward the outer perimeter is like moving away from something that may not be working for you and a way to escape the confines of a limited location, situation or relationship.

Combining the two

Imagine moving away from the center of a situation that is no longer working for you and you want a way out. You may find yourself going round and round but eventually you will make your way.

You don’t go back into the same spiral, you look for a new one. And when you do find this new pathway to the new center, your new goal, your true life, is there, waiting for you. If not, you go again.