Tangle Patterns


After seeing an image of coiled copper tubing in a splayed out pile I came up with this tangle.

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encke tangle pattern by Grace Mendez

There are so many patterns already named and illustrated I never thought I could come up with a new one. And maybe this has already been named and dissected so please forgive me if you have seen this already or have claimed it.

I checked tanglepatterns.com, who I believe to be the best website on tangle  pattern organization and didn’t see anything too similar.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this pattern.

By the way, the name refers to the Encke Gap in one of the rings of Saturn named in honor of the astronomer, Joann Franz Encke.

The other name I was considering was “onion ringz”.

Encke II

So now that you have encke figured out here is the next version.

It was only after playing with encke that I saw an opportunity to add another level to this tangle that went beyond what I had originally intended.

Once you have put down your first layer of overlapping rings, then go around your tangle again adding (about) two more outer rings.

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encke II tangle pattern by Grace Mendez
encke II tangle pattern by Grace Mendez
Encke II and Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day by Grace Mendez