19 Art Journaling Artists’ Perspectives

I’ve had this art journaling book, “Journal It” by Jenny Doh since it came out in 2012. Journal It: Perspectives in Creative Journaling

19 art journaling artists give their points of view on why they art journal. They all have different perspectives and ways of approaching the process.

There are lots of tips and insights. The photos are yummy and plentiful.

The projects are not limited to working in books so if you are interested in some 3-D work, there are some inspiring projects too.

This book is not a complete how-to book.

Not all of the images are explained on how to do them. I think you can figure most of them out if you have been journaling for a little while.

One of my favorite quotes that explains the reason behind this:

It’s nice to get ideas from other artists, but keep in mind that you will draw the way you draw. Because that’s your style. ~ Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

Mostly, I like to thumb through the book to get inspired.

Today I took the tip from Bob Fisher who recommended to make a drawing that goes across the spread.

Inspiration from the book "Journal It"Drawing over two pages in art journal