30 Day Challenge Day 9

I saw a recent post by Karen O’Brien¬†where she used red rosin paper as her substrate.

I went to Home Depot today and bought some to try out. It comes in a roll, 3′ x 166′ for less than $13.

I can see how having this large roll of paper will come in handy as I make prototypes for folded visual journals and other bookmaking experiments.

I can’t tell you how much “good” paper I have used to experiment on only to find that my experiment¬†did not go as intended. There is only so much collage paper that I use in my art work and I have my fill of bookmarks made from discarded art works.

For my first painting I gessoed a torn piece of this paper before drawing on it with a black Stabilo “All” pencil.

Then I used a water brush to shade the pencil.

If you have used this paper before, what can you tell me about it?