A world of Artist Journal Pages Review by Grace Mendez

A World of Artist Journal Pages

I love this book: A World of Artist Journal Pages.

Artist Journal Pages Review by Grace Mendez

It’s not a how-to book.

It’s a collection of art journal pages curated by Dawn Devries Sokol.

You may see in the short video, that I have flagged some pages. The pages that are flagged are conversations with featured artists.

A few of the questions she asks the artists are, “What do you do when you’re blocked?; What are your favorite mediums to use?; Which artists do you look to for inspiration?”

I love that last question because I am learning about new artists in addition to all of the artists that are included in the book.

There are over a 1000 pages with 230 artists from 30 countries.

It would make an excellent addition to your library if you want a reference book of contemporary art journaling.

There is no substitute for creating artwork yourself.

I can get distracted and put off making my own artwork because I am looking at what other people create, especially when I am looking at Pinterest or Instagram. When I look through this book I don’t get sidetracked in the same way that I do on social media.

When I look through other artists’ work it inspires me.

I see:

  • endless ways to create art
  • color combinations I haven’t tried
  • subject matter to explore

How do artists inspire you?