Grace Mendez: ABC's of Cultivating Creativity

ABC’s of Cultivating Creativity

What does it mean to cultivate creativity?

Does creativity always come naturally or do we need to actively cultivate it?

What about the ones that declare, “I’m not creative.”

I believe we are all creative.

We are born that way.

Let’s get back to that beginner’s mind of a child who doesn’t worry about color choices, perspective or accuracy.

What a liberating way to be – to not worry that creativity will be blocked, run out or be worthless.

If it helps, don’t share your artwork. I know that may not be a popular view with so much social media and sharing. I think that sometimes the compare and despair syndrome can hold us back from even trying. That is why I love working in an art journal. It can be just for me and my shelf. It doesn’t go on the walls and I don’t have to share it if I don’t want to.

Cultivating creativity is a matter of practice.

My personal commitment ┬áis to seek and cultivate a creative mindset. It’s a rewarding habit.

Are there particular activities that you do when you are cultivating creativity?

My mini-manifesto of creativity:

ABCs of Cultivating Creativity