Adding a prompt to an art journal Grace Mendez
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Adding a Prompt to an Art Journal

Adding a prompt to an art journal is one way to beat the dreaded blank page.

The prompts can be answered in your journal on the very page that you create.

The prompts can also be answered in another journal or notebook if you want to keep the response more private.

I found that once you know where you are headed, it doesn’t take very much time to complete a page or at least get most of it done.

The getting started part is what seems to hold up the process of working in an art journal.

The journal that I am working in is one you could make with one sheet of 22″ x 30″ paper. The directions to make the journal are here.

This sample video is part of a course that is in pre-production called: “Make Your Own Prompt Book“. That is the working title for now.

Please let me know in the comments below if this is something that would interest you.

If adding a prompt to your art journal doesn’t interest you, what kind of course do you think would help you when facing the blank page? Thanks!

Adding a prompt to an art journal Grace Mendez