Find Support to Beat Procrastination Grace Mendez

Find Support to Beat Procrastination

Stop talking. Start walking.” ~ L.M. Heroux

So what if my previous tips and tricks don’t work? In fact, you may even be annoyed by the suggestions I give you.

However, I’m going to give you one more tactic. Find support.

Support takes may forms. The support that I find most helpful in breaking up the creativity procrastination cycle is taking an in-person art workshop. Preferably a paid workshop to help with accountability. It’s a lot easier to shrug off a free event, but when you have invested some cash, it’s more likely that you will show up.

Maybe there aren’t any live workshops in your area of art making. That’s okay. What if you stretch your creativity and take a workshop in a discipline that is new to you? Maybe there is a ceramics studio nearby you although you prefer to draw. What about a poetry workshop? Ballroom dancing?

The idea is just to do something, anything, instead of fretting about how you are not in the studio, whatever the form of your studio is.

Surround yourself with like-minded people to boost and jumpstart your creative joy. Let their enthusiasm for creative work spill into your path and allow the passion to reenergize your desire.

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Find Support to Beat Procrastination Grace Mendez