Grace Mendez Chartres Labyrinth

Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

If you live in or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, come walk a labyrinth in quiet meditation each month on a Sunday evening closest to the full moon in 2019.

Walking a labyrinth allows us to apply metaphors into our lives and walking on or near the date of the full moon is a natural time for contemplation.

A labyrinth has only one path and unlike a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends to get you lost. There are no right or wrong ways to walk a maze.

We will begin with a short welcome and gather again after the walk to close the event.

Locations are to be determined and will rotate throughout the year. To be notified of an upcoming walk with the location, please subscribe to the newsletter. 

There is no cost to attend, however, donations are gratefully accepted. Thank you.

Dates and Times for 2019

Sunday, 20 January, 4 PM

Sunday, 17 February, 4 PM

Sunday, 24 March, 5 PM

Sunday, 21 April, 6 PM

Sunday, 19 May, 7 PM

Sunday, 16 June, 7 PM

Sunday, 14 July, 6 PM

Sunday, 18 August, 6 PM

Sunday, 15 September, 5 PM

Sunday, 13 October, 5 PM

Sunday, 10 November, 4 PM

Sunday, 15 December, 4 PM