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Hand Painted Ice Resin Bracelet

My latest project, an Ice Resin bracelet with hand painted images, was on hold for a long time. I’m talking years. I’ve always wanted to play with an epoxy resin but was afraid that it would be too hard to do. I thought I would waste it, waste my time and make a big mess.

Like a lot of scenarios that we make up and keep swirling around in our heads, once we commit and get started, it’s not as bad as we had imagined. Or maybe that is just me.

About six weeks ago, I was at A Work of Heart in San Jose, CA, I purchased a small amount of Ice Resin and a blank bracelet. I knew it was finally time to get over my trepidation and to work on a resin project. I had no idea what I would put inside the 5/8″ circular bezels. I opted for the resin in a syringe which is the smallest amount I could purchase. Because I didn’t purchase a large amount of resin and had only one object to fill, it felt doable.

I didn’t attempt ice resin bracelet project right away. I needed some guidance. With the help of this book

and a bunch of YouTube videos, I set up to make my ice resin bracelet.

You can embed a variety of materials into resin but decided to go simple and pour the resin over paper. I used acrylic paint and my smallest paintbrush to paint the images. When they dried, I coated the images to seal the paper and glued them into the bracelet. Next, it was time to mix the ice resin. With the syringe, it’s easy to measure because you plunge the two liquids simultaneously into a cup, then mix together with a craft stick. If you purchase the larger bottles of resin and hardener, then you need to use a cup with measurement lines to get the accurate ratio.

Grace Mendez Olivia and BirdGrace Mendez Ice Resin Bracelet

The process itself is simple:

  • Mix equal parts of the two liquids
  • Pour into your bezel or onto chosen surface
  • Cure

There are a lot of variables to be aware of: room temperature, bubbles that rise to the surface, dust that will adhere to the surface, etc. In my case, one image that was glued down, unglued and rose to the top of the bezel after I had poured the resin over it. I used a pin to push it back down and hoped for the best. The image stayed down once the air bubbles that were trapped under it came to the surface and popped.

I have a little bit of resin left that can be used for another project. I don’t know what I will make but I know that getting over the initial hurdle of starting has made me feel confident enough to make something else.

Click on the link to see a short video of the completed bracelet: Completed Bracelet Video