Hello, My Name Is…

Our names are labels given to us at birth.

My initials are GM

Later on we may be given a nick name growing up. I still call my children Pumpkin and Angel even though my son is 24 and my daughter is 26.

I changed my last name three times.

But the hidden names that can cause the most problems for us are the ones that we say to our selves.

I am dumb, I am fat, I am not worthy. I can’t draw. I am not artistic or creative. We may not even notice when we do this if it has been a habit.

When we use these names it causes us to lose confidence in ourselves.

My hope is that we will be more aware of when this happens.  If we can be nicer to our selves and make room for self-compassion we can start to let go of any self criticism we may be holding on to.