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Imagine A Forest Book Review

Imagine a Forest by Dinara Mirtalipova is a lovely book.

I do not want to purchase any more books. There is an overflowing bookcase in my studio with perfectly wonderful books. My Kindle app is filled with all kinds of books as well.

However, I just could not resist the opportunity to study the techniques in Imagine a Forest.

Dinara presents several step-by-step instructions on how to draw flowers, foliage, insects, and animals. My best guess is that about half of the book is instructional.  The other half of the book is inspirational with a lot of beautiful images and scenes. I kind of wish there were more how-to’s in the book. She is putting a lot of faith in our abilities to figure it out for ourselves and I have to appreciate that.

The last section is on project ideas. Again, not a lot of instruction, but she shows you ways to use the folk art around the home.

The subtitle of the book is “Designs and inspirations for Enchanting Folk Art” and that is exactly what the book is.


Grace Mendez Imagine A Forest

In the video about Imagine A Forest, I don’t mention it, but I almost want to cut the book apart and frame some of the images!

If you love folk art I highly recommend that you buy this book.

You can follow Dinara on Instagram to get a peek of her work.