Grace Mendez Koi Coloring Brush Pens
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Koi Coloring Pens As Watercolor

I’ve been using Koi Coloring Pens as watercolor in my art journals.

Grace Mendez Koi Coloring Brush

The technique that I use with the Koi Coloring Pens:

  • sketch the face with a pencil
  • add the Koi Coloring Pen
  • wash the ink with the waterbrush
  • wait until dry
  • erase any extra pencil

You don’t need very much ink from the pen to get a lot of color.

The pages that I am working on can’t take a lot of water or they will wrinkle a lot, so this technique of only wetting the ink a little works well. In the video you can see that I get a little bit of pilling from scrubbing the brush on the wet paper. You have do be gentle on non-watercolor paper.

You can also leave the pens unwashed as in this image:

Grace Mendez Unblended Koi Coloring Pens

These pens are a lot of fun to play with. How do you use them?