Line Drawing

In my visual journal I don’t always write. Sometimes I just want to draw something cute and cheery.

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I have friends that say they can’t draw. I feel that way too and it is because we haven’t been taught.

I use as many resources as I can to help me. One of my favorite books for drawing simple little drawings is Let’s Draw Cute AnimalsSachiko Umoto shows you step by step how to draw little creatures like this friendly bulldog.

Her other two books, Let’s Draw Happy People and Let’s Draw Plants and Small Creatures are also in my collection. I highly recommend these books if you want to learn to draw in a whimsical, fun and cute style. Right now I am completely copying her style. Eventually with more practice, my own style will emerge.

I drew this first in pencil to allow for adjustments. Then went over it in pen once I felt happy with the image. I added a bit of shading with a light grey marker and erased the pencil.

I am curious, do you draw in your visual journals, just write or do a combination?