Grace Mendez Vision Board

Make a Mini Vision Board

Vision boards are a visual method of capturing your upcoming goals. It’s the first action step in making your dream(s) a reality.Grace Mendez Vision Board

All the other times I have created a board, they were created on large pieces of paper, approximately 20” x 30”.

I found that instead of hanging up my vision board so I could see it, I’d fold it up or store it in the closet. Eventually, I’d forget about it. That’s not the ideal way to use the vision board! It’s meant to keep your goals in the forefront so that you can work on them.

This time I made my vision board in a way that I not done before. This will keep it more accessible. I will put it in my planner for frequent access and as a reminder of what my current goals are.

Working in a smaller size also makes you include only the most essential so you can concentrate on your most important goals. This smaller size is perfect to keep on your desk or in your planner.

    Grace Mendez How to Make a Mini Vision Board


Piece of paper (card stock or watercolor paper) approximately 5” x 7” as your “board”
Glue stick
Various magazines, catalogs, old calendars, etc.

How to Make your own Mini Vision Board

  1. Collect images and words or sayings that capture your attention. Don’t think about them too much. Let your eyes guide your hands. Later you will edit and interpret. Right now you are only collecting.
  2. Look through your images and start to edit. Keep only the images and words that you have a strong attraction to.
  3. Roughly arrange them on the board to see how they can fit together. If you have too many images and don’t want to let them go, save them for a second vision board or use them in your collages.
  4. Glue your images to the board and trim any excess hanging over the sides.
  5. Take a few minutes to study your board to interpret the meaning.
  6. On the back of your board, write out your interpretations. There are no right or wrong answers. This is your vision board and the meaning is unique to you.
  7. For each one of your interpretations, make a list of the next steps so you can take action on your vision board. These steps will help you plot your path forward.

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” ~ Harvey MacKay