Grace Mendez Mandala Download

Mandala Monday

Mandala Monday is here again.

And I have another free PDF download for you to color in. If you missed my tutorial on how to transfer a print out onto another surface, you can find that here.

Grace Mendez Mandala Download

Click here to download the Mandala PDF.

I was lucky enough to see a couple of large scale mandalas recently at the Oakland Museum of California. They have an annual Dia de los Muertos exhibit.

You are greeted by this wall mandala as you enter the hall:

Oakland Museum Mandala

I love the two tone look. The deep magenta color is painted on one of the walls of the gallery. I’d love to use that color as an accent wall in my studio.

Occupying a large area of the floor was this installation:

Oakland Museum Mandala Remembrance

I wish I could have been up on a ladder to take a picture. It was too big for my iPhone’s camera.

This is picture of the artist’s statement by Nancy Hon:

Oakland Museum Mandala Statement

Like art, mandalas can be interpreted in many different ways.

They can be simply a way to pass the time and zone out as you color them in, or create one from scratch.

Mandalas, like art, can have an associated deeper meaning that is given to the piece by either the creator or the viewer, or both.

Do you associate any additional meaning when you are creating or coloring in your mandalas? Or does it even matter? Can it just be art, for art’s sake?