Grace Mendez ICAD 59

Mandala Monday

I’m all done with the 2015 Index Card A Day challenge.

I started each morning with the index card and this morning, when I didn’t have one to make it felt a bit odd.

When I started, I didn’t know if I could make each one into a mandala. At times, I took liberal use of the word mandala and at least stuck to the circular form.

If I could go back and change anything I would have used a thicker paper so that I could send them through the mail as postcards.

I recently finished another challenge, #the100dayproject. I used a sketchbook and mostly drew portraits. I didn’t participate all 100 days and that’s ok.

So no more group challenges for a while. I have started my own project that will take a few months to finish. It’s an altered book filled with mixed media practice.

My exploration of the mandala has not ended.

I believe it has just started.

I love the circular form with all the interpretations and possibilities.

I think my favorite one from this last group is Advice. It’s doesn’t work visually as well as some of the others but my message, my advice, is to love.

Stay tuned for more mandalas!