Hand Cut Stencil and Watercolor

Mind Trip Journal Prompt

Watercolor, Dry Brush and Hand Cut Stencils

Hand Cut Stencil and Watercolor
Close up of zigzag stencil and watercolors.

I came across this technique from a book called “Make Your Mark” by Margaret Peot. She has a lot of ways to create backgrounds in this book. If you have not read it yet, I recommend it. This book is different from a lot of the mixed media books that are popular on Amazon right now because there are only two colors used in the printing of the book, sepia and a dark brown. At first I was a little disappointed in this but she explains that it is done with the intention to not get hung up on what colors to use when getting started and also as a way to be more open to what you see as you work.

Gather Your Materials

Journal or sheet of paper

3 x 5 index card(oops! I said 3.5″ x 5″ in video), card stock or manilla folder


Watercolors (I used Sakura Koi watercolors)

Flat brush

Paper towel or rag


  • Wet the watercolors to activate them
  • Cut the stencil freehand (scallops or zig zags)
  • Brush the watercolor over the stencil – from your hand toward the cut edge to keep from watercolor from seeping under
  • Stagger the stencil for the next row


Use one color, two colors or several colors

Alternate stencils

Use as a border or as an additional layer under or over other marks

Make sure brush is fairly dry before applying watercolor

Gessoed pages may not work well with this technique


“Make Your Mark: Explore your creativity and discover your inner artist” by Margaret Peot

watercolor, dry brush and stencil by Grace Mendez
This is my finished page that I started in the video.

The journal prompt for this page:

List all the places you go in your mind when you want some peace and quiet.

Click here for a handout of the steps.

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