Grace Mendez Gift Wrap
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Newsprint Gift Wrap

Today I made some gift wrap. Every time I teach an in-person Zentangle® workshop I bring home the newsprint demo sheets. Each sheet measures about 17″x 20″.

I’ve used the paper as is, without additional layers. This time I wanted to add a little color and glitter for the holiday packages that I am wrapping.

Grace Mendez Gift Wrap

I used a variety of paints: iridescent acrylic, glittering Scribbles, metallic craft paint and acrylic ink. With each paint choice, I mixed in Golden’s acrylic glazing liquid (Satin) to thin out the paints.

Grace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift Wrap

I didn’t want to cover the paper completely. I wanted to create a shimmer with the paints and allow the drawings to remain visible.

Using a brayer on the gift wrap is great because:

  • The paint goes on evenly
  • You don’t have to wash the brayer between colors
  • The paint goes on in a thin coat
  • The paint dries fast
  • If the color is not what you expected, you can layer on more paint without affecting the pliability

Grace Mendez Gift WrapGrace Mendez Gift Wrap

When I was done, I cut off one end of each sheet. I applied glue with a glue stick to the back of the cut end. I overlapped the glued and cut edge onto the uncut side.

Some sheets have more color than others. I glued all the pages together into a long roll in a random order. I let go of trying to arrange them in a particular way. After all, in Zentangle, there are no mistakes!

Grace Mendez Gift Wrap