Online Art Workshops List Grace Mendez

Online Art Workshops

There are so many online art workshops that I thought I would create a list.

Online Art Workshops List Grace Mendez

The list is a combination of my own personal experience* with their online workshops and/or DVDs and the rest on the list come from students who are passing on their recommendations.

The workshops vary in length from about an hour to a year.

The online art workshops also vary in the amount of time that you have access. Personally, I prefer lifetime access (like mine), don’t you?

Online art workshops vs. live workshops

I don’t think this is an easy comparison. The flexibility to take an online course in your own home, at the time you want to attend and usually at a reduced cost vs. the energy of a live community and the access to the instructors is not easy for me to judge as to which comes out on top. They each have their merits and their disadvantages.

Who did I leave out?

Please let me know who you recommend in the comments below so I can add them to the list.