• Grace Mendez Roy de Forest Book

    The Art of Roy de Forest

    The art of Roy de Forest was recently on display at the Oakland Museum of California. What I love about his artwork is the authenticity that speaks to me. It is as if the artwork comes right from the artist without any filters. Texture When you see the paintings in person, the texture in the painting is pronounced. Dots, dots, dots all over the place. The paintings remind me of folk art and their color blocked motifs. About Roy de Forest Unfortunately, I don’t know much about de Forest except that he lived in the Bay Area of California and what I read about him in an obituary. My lack…

  • Grace Mendez Choose a Color Palette

    How to Choose a Palette and Speed Up Your Art Making

    Why Choosing a Palette will Speed Up Your Art Making To be clear, we are going to talk about choosing colors for your palette, not the board or location where the paints, or colors are stored. The speeding up process comes when it’s time to create your artwork. When you don’t spend time figuring out what colors to use before you start, you can get on with it. Definition of palette from Merriam Webster a thin oval or rectangular board or tablet that a painter holds and mixes pigments on a:  the set of colors put on the palette b: 1.) a particular range, quality, or use of color “The…

  • Grace Mendez Tree Outside My Window 06 2017

    Tree Outside My Window Month Six

    Oops. I missed posting the month of May for the tree outside my window series. Here it is June already. We passed the summer equinox and the daylight hours are getting shorter again. Living in a portion of the Bay Area that is windy and often foggy in the summer I appreciate any sunshine that comes our way. The west wind that we get travels over the Pacific Ocean and brings clear skies and temperate weather. Usually, we are in the 60’s or low 70 degrees while at the same time cities eastward just a few miles away rise to the 90’s. I can alway tell who are first-time visitors to…

  • Grace Mendez Product Review: Montana Empty Markers

    Product Review Montana Paint Markers

    Product review Montana Paint Markers In order to add more variety of line width to my artwork, I was either going to buy some markers or make my own and be able to refill them so I went with the refill option. My paint, a set of older Airbrush paints from Golden is very fluid and is highly pigmented. I don’t know if they make that line anymore. They do have another line of similar viscosity paints, High Flow. I love the quality of the paint, however dispersing a small amount directly from the bottle they come in has been problematic. Either a larger amount than I want comes out,…

  • Grace Mendez Postcards

    The 100 Day Project 2017 Update

    I’m three-quarters of the way through the one-hundred-day project challenge. Find out more about the #the100dayproject here. To be honest, there have been times when I didn’t feel like participating. Except for one day when I forgot entirely because I had an overnight guest and my routine was a lot different from the usual, I’ve worked on the project. In the beginning of a project, there is excitement and momentum. Then monotony sets in but you have to keep working. Some of the work is crap and that is okay. It’s just what happens when you work your way through a large project or even a small project. All your…