Grace Mendez Gelli Arts Printing Tutorial
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Playing With Surface Design

My friend, Courtney Cerruti, has written her third book, Playing With Surface Design.

The subtitle is: Modern techniques for painting, stamping, printing and more. It’s an excellent collection of mixed-media art projects.

Grace Mendez Surface Design

Grace Mendez photo of Courtney Cerruti
Courtney Cerruti and Pup Charlie

When I talked to Courtney at her book signing, I asked her what her favorite project from the book was. She pointed to the wall with all of the washi taped images.

She said it was printing with a gelatin plate. Not a Gelli Arts plate, but the made-from-scratch kind.

Courtney said the results that you get from a home-made gelatin plate have a more watercolor type look. I haven’t tried it yet.

In the meantime, I got out my two synthetic plates by Gelli Arts.

My Gelli Arts printing project is influenced by two subjects from the book, mono printing and painting on fabric.


  • Gelli Arts Plate
  • Fabric (pre-washed, 100% cotton)
  • Speedball Fabric and Paper Ink
  • Soft rubber brayer
  • Rubber mark making tools (Catalyst wedge and color shaper tool)
  • Baren
  • Deli paper to create a barrier between seeping ink and baren
  • Cleaning supplies (water, baby wipes, paper towels)

I used the Gelli Arts plate and made an elongated mono print on fabric. After a couple of days, the ink on the fabric is still a bit tacky. I hope that eventually it cures and becomes permanent. If it does, I’llĀ hem the sides and make a scarf. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area calls for year-round scarf wearing.

Grace Mendez Printing on Fabric

Grace Mendez Printing SuppliesGrace Mendez Printed Fabric