Prepping Pages in an Art Journal

Prepping Pages

Prepping pages in an art journal when you are not in a super creative mood ensures that when you are in the mood, you can get right to work.

One method I like to use when prepping pages is to lay down a layer of paint using Blick’s Matte Acrylic Paint. In the video, I say the paper is not meant for artwork. What I meant, is that the paper is not specifically created for water media. The Cahier Moleskine notebook paper is on the thin side, but with the addition of the paint, it does strengthen up.

Clean Up

To make clean up faster and easier, I wear gloves on my hands and instead of a paintbrush, I use a spreader. I like using the Princeton Catalyst wedge.

Sometimes the paint oozes over the page I’m working on to the rest of journal. I spend some time unsticking pages. I don’t mind it because I like how it adds interest to the pages and integrates the art journal.

Grace Mendez Prepping Pages


Prepping pages is a pretty mindless task.  I like to watch a movie on my computer or listen to some music while spreading the paint.

Working Faster

To make the process faster, I use a craft heat gun on the wet pages before I move on to the next spread.

Mark Making

On a few of the pages, I used a charcoal pencil to add some pattern before adding the paint.

Now that I have my art journal ready, I’m excited to begin!

Moleskine Cahier Notebook